Creative Costs! Part 1

By September 13, 2014Production

Recently, we have been getting a lot of calls from people that want a “creative” project. Which is great, I am all about great creativity and originality; however, this is just one little problem. Most of the people that call in for some reason don’t understand the costs involved in creating a creative project. So in this blogĀ I will discuss 2 different types of creatives:

1. Music Videos

2. Commercials

Lets begin with music videos.

Music Videos are great! Most artists don’t understand that a 3-4 minute music video is actually a 3-4 minute commercial of them! They don’t understand that the 3-4 minutes that people give up to watch their video the audience will never get back and once they have seen it, they will either love you or hate you! It really is that simple. Now what makes music videos creative? Well one thing, the budget! That’s right the budget dictates how creative you can be. For instance if you want a really cool action sequence in your music video well that will require a lot more time, preparation, resources, and personnel what does all of this mean, you guessed it, MONEY $$$$$! Dollar bills Yo!

I know its sad that I have deduced all of that “creative” work into MONEY but it’s true! All creative costs a lot of money now some people think that time is free; however, time is money. Thus the amount of time for pre-production that is spent on a project is all money. Unless you are a low life and hire people to work for free (and I know a bunch of you do) then yes congratulations you are now contributing to slave labor! Good for you!

But I digress, what music videos cost is a very good question, so here are some music videos and prices:

At number #1 – Micheal Jackson – Scream music video takes that cake with a whopping 7 million dollar price tag. Directed by Mark Romanek. Oh and that is back in 1995 adjust that for inflation and you get 10.83 million dollars.

#2, 3 and 4 are all Madonna! #2 “Die Another Day” 2002, 6.1 million dollars, adjusted for inflation 7.99 million; #3 “Express Yourself” 1989 a huge 5 million dollars! Adjusted for inflation you are 9.5 million dollars today.

So what costs less? Lets take a look at some of the cheaper music videos:

Britney Spears “Work Bitch” 2013 music video was $850,000 dollar that is pennies when you consider it to Scream or Express Yourself.

So next time you give us a call and you have 500 dollars to make a music video. I will hang up. No seriously, I will hang up!

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