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By November 22, 2014Production

I finally have a free moment to write a blog post. This month has been full of pre-production for 3 film projects I am currently working on. Two of the projects I am producing and the third I am only the cinematographer. However, as everyone knows that the cinematographers job starts probably around the same time as the director and writers job. Because cinematographers are in charge of 3 different departments all departments directly responsible for what you see on screen. Thus, the job is sometimes overwhelming when you have 3 projects you are working on they all start to bleed together.

The first project I will be shooting is in Tampa, Florida. The film is called “The Accident” the director/producer Christopher Chapman, hired me to create a specific look, a not only beautiful camera work but also lighting. In a world where every DP wants to create “real” looking cinematography (whatever that means) since film is actually a fake media a make belief. We are all children trapped in adult bodies that still imagine the world amazing and wonderful. This the “real” look in my most humble opinion is one that creates a scene of beauty and majesty. This is why I am so excited to be part of this film project! Chris, said “I want this to look amazing!” So since the film has to look amazing I wanted to shoot it with the most beautiful lenses (in my opinion) available in the market today. The Carl Zeiss / Arri Master Prime Lenses T1.3. The fastest lenses for cinema S35mm film.

The Accident is a love story about a man that meets a girl. In not so typical of circumstances, the spend an evening of enchantment but in the morning the dream ends.

I am beyond excited to film this project because it will have elements in the film that I have been trying to incorporate into a movie for many years and this project will allow me the ability to create what I hope the most beautiful film I have filmed.

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