Giorgio Daveed is an award wining cinematographer working with a multitude of camera systems from film to digital. His latest film is with 905 Productions Starring Tom Sizemore. The film was shot on the Red Epic in 2.4.1 aspect ratio. Giorgio Daveed on Give me a call 1-866-976-8989.

I love to shoot extremely wide I try to create a painting with all my photography, a good wide master shoot should be able to stand on it's own and captivate your audience. My cinematography style is very unique and will make sure to make your film or video project look amazing. 

4 fundamental elements to my cinematography style:

  • 1. Lighting
  • 2. Camera angle
  • 3. Camera lens
  • 4. Composition

In that order. 

The reason for that order is that good lighting will always commands the scene. If there is no light, there is no reason to worry about the others. Good lighting will make your film or video project look amazing and stand out. I light very fast and know exactly how, when and what to light. This comes from experience and natural talent.  A camera angle will do a lot for your image. You must know the angle before you know the lens because the lens will either complement the angle or do absolutely nothing to help with the angle you select. 

Camera lenses, are some of the most expensive production equipment. So understanding what lenses to use comes with practice and the understanding of what lenses actually do.

And finally, composition, which is actually a summation of the first 3 but with film composition, a DP must always look for actors and positioning of the actors and the space they occupy. Since some actors like to move around, I believe to light in a way that suits the actor and letting them be in their element. 

Being on the set is a very stressful environment all of the elements are against you, so I love to have fun and never stress out and enjoy working with people that are of the same mindset. This keep everyone in good spirits even if its a very long and rough day.

Photography be it motion or still is one of my greatest passions in life.

This is the movie I just DP'ed Starring Tom Sizemore.

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