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By September 6, 2014Production

I am very happy to see the release of our latest music video project for Satellite Empire – Us. A very unique music video that takes places in the 1880’s, 1980’s and 2080.  The team did a fantastic job putting together a fantastic and interesting music video.

The 1880’s look:

1880-look-1            1880

The lighting, camera and wardrobe were all set up to match the 1880’s look as much as possible. The team did a fantastic job mimicking the look and feel the 1880’s. The lighting was as flat as possible with just a little side kicker to spruce things up. The picture on the right is showing the future meeting the past with the triangle red dot in the eye. The symbolize in the video that is touch upon a lot. The camera setting were made to de-saturate the image and give it more of a sepia tone and also with a little diffusion filter over the glass (lens) to soften it even more. Of course all of this could have been done in post; however, they decided they wanted it too look like that in camera. That is the best reason to shoot in raw on Red Cameras because they give you the flexibility to shoot with all of the presents you want but not actually burning them into the image. You can still go back and change all of the data (meta data) later.

The 1980’s look:

1980            1980-loo2

Oh the 80’s how I miss them with the tacky clothing and the insanely blue everything! This is probably my most favorite look in the entire video because its very nostalgic and it really does look like the 1980’s photoshoot.

This look was achieved with a wonderful blue muslin (probably the main ticket item), the hair and makeup, the extreme use of back light (2 very bright kickers), the right amount of key and fill to create the contrast of the 1980’s and the most important thing, a very large fan! The camera’s contrast and saturation was also boosted.

The 2080’s look:

2080-look1             2080-look2

Into the future we go! Okay so this was all done in post! It was shot against a green screen and lite for green screen. Everything else the VFX crew took care of to create what you see.

With a more sleek and polished look the future and all of the chaos that is going to happen is revealed at the end of the music video.

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