Lighting Diagram for Roche

By August 19, 2014Production

Here is a sample diagram of the lighting setup that I created for shooting a medical video in San Francisco, California. I wanted to create a more appealing lighting setup then most documentary style of shooting. With this lighting setup we went with a 2K tungsten Fresnel shooting through silk diffusion as a key light for the subject. 1K tungsten Fresnel shooting through silk. Those are going to be the main lights that will light the subject. In the back we have a 1K tungsten Fresnel kicker going through Opal. I chose an Opal diffusion because this diffusion is not as strong as a 216 but will give the subject a nice soft kick from the back to add dimension to the scene. Overhead I am going to setup a 1K tungsten Fresnel shooting through 216 diffusion. A very strong diffusion that will give a very beautiful hair light.


As for the Cameras:

We are doing 2 main cameras a Canon 7D on a 16-35 IS II lens at 5.6 shooting a medium shot and a main camera the canon C100 shooting on a 24-70 IS II lens at 5.6f. The third camera is going to be our first real world production shoot of the canon 5D Mark 2 shooting in RAW. No since the camera shoots in RAW at most 1880×720 we are going to actually shoot the scene in 1280×1080. Since in 1880×720 we are capturing about 56MB’s anything faster and the camera starts to drop frames. Since the background is white we can shoot it in 1280×1080 which will give us an exact 1080 resolution that we want for the height and the rest we can fill in as a white background. Since these are going to be RAW DNG files they are going to be huge and since we are only able to record about 4GB until the camera automatically stops recording we will have to start and stop about every minute. With that in mind that is why we went with 2 other main cameras and the 5D is more of an extra.

For sound we are going to be using the all wonderful Sennheiser G3 mics. One will go straight into the C100 and the other into a Zoom H4N recorder. We are going to double mic the subject.

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