Fresh Face for the New Year

By September 1, 2014Production

Today, we begin a new chapter in Giorgio Daveed Production Company. As the Jewish New Year comes upon us we are starting a new as well. First, we got a brand new shiny website, thanks to AC Media Services, who is also partnering with us in producing a music video for them for a new client of theirs. Second, we are starting pre-production for a feature film called “$elfie Shootout” written by Ron Jackson and Produced by myself and Ron Jackson. The director of the film will be the both of us as well and I will be Director of Photography. Since our first project “5 Hour Friends” we have always wanted to work on another project together and this one seems to be what we both needed.

We plan to start production on the film in spring of 2015 and released summer 2015. To make this a more educating process for a lot of our readers. I am going to be documenting the process step by step. Unlike Peter Jackson we did not get $250 million dollars to shoot a film and very few people actually do; however, some would argue that the best films were probably made on the lowest of budgets and I would have to agree.

It’s the first of September a start of a new year for Giorgio Daveed and a start of something new altogether!

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