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What is the process of creating a video for your audience?

You make a movie 3 times, once when you are writing the script, second when you are shooting the project and third when you edit it. Keep this in mind whenever you work on any production. It’s an art and it will always change throughout the process. – giorgio daveed

Producing a 1-3 minute video that is targeted to your audiences takes quite a bit of effort. What your audience sees and enjoys in a few minutes takes weeks of long hours and hard work. This all depends on the complexity and the length of your video. We have completed videos in 3 days and we have shot commercials that take about 3 months of preparation and 3 days to shoot followed by 3-4 weeks of editing. Below is just a simple process so you can follow the steps no matter how complex your project is.


Concept Creation and Scripting

Before anything else can be started, the concept and the script must be finalized. This pre-production set of concept creation and script writing will make or break your film, video, or photography production. Writing a good script is an art in itself and there are dozens of considerations that must be taken to ensure the final video is entertaining, fun, and informative all at the same time. The balance between all these aspects is crucial for the success of the video.


Finding the right talent for you film, video or photography project is a crucial part of any project. Your audiences need to be able to connect with them from the get-go. The casting process can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


Productions that allow for storyboards give a much better picture for the overall vision and idea of the video or photograph that is to be created, composited, shot or filmed. Creating a storyboard will also make like easier for the shoot to go smoothly.


After the main pre-production items are finished we move to scheduling. This is a very critical component of your project. Most productions have a lot of moving parts, people, and equipment. Thus, making sure that the correct equipment is at the correct place at the correct time is critical to a successful project.


Principle Photography

Once the concept and script is finalized and the casting and the scheduling is completed we move to the most important part of the entire project, the actual shoot. Depending on the complexity of the production this can take from 1 day to a few weeks of principle photography. This will all depend on the budget, project size and the complexity of it.



Once all of the footage from the film or video project is collected or all of the photograph’s shot for your composition we move to the editing phase of the production process. The editing can take anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks to complete. This is a very crucial part of the project, timing is everything.

Sound Design

After the final cut is completed it’s time to add sound effects and music as needed. There are many options for music and effects. One way is to completely customize music files and create a soundtrack that fits exactly to the length of your finished video. Another way is royalty free music and effects. Most clients go this route since it’s much cheaper. 

Color Grading

This is the final step in the production process before we export your project. This is where we color correct and color grade your film video or photography project. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to finish. Insuring a good color grade will make your project stand out from all the other videos. It will give your film or video project a specific look and feel. 


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