Production Value in Films, Music Videos, and Commercials.

By July 31, 2015Production

Recently, while talking to a client on the phone the client said this “our audience does not care about production value…they care about story…” I almost fell of my chair. It’s amazing what people think production value is. They believe that an “amazing story” whatever that means has nothing to do with production value. This couldn’t be more further from the truth!

Every filmmaker strives to increase production value while not going over budget, time and ability of cast and crew. The story not only benefits from production value but without production value their would be no story! Let me explain, say for instance your story takes place in an amazing town, surrounded by beautiful trees, waterfalls, birds, animals and most importantly 2 lions that walk this amazing town. Did you picture it? Good? Now we are going to shoot this at your house in a bedroom. WTFW? Want to Film Where!? Exactly, without production value that is exactly where you would be filming in someones room, instead of beautiful trees it would have left over food, instated of waterfalls the sink would be running, instead of birds you would have neighbors screaming and instead of lions you would have 2 fat dudes sitting on a couch. Does that sound amazing!? Well it could depending on the story, thus a story could only work with production value. So please understand that without production value you don’t have a story.

Production value is what makes a story, the story you want to make.

I hope this helps you when clients say… “production value, we don’t need that”

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