The Arri Alexa 65mm Digital Camera

By September 20, 2014Production

Arri Alexa 65mm

Arri surprised everyone with this new 65mm digital camera that will rock the film world yet again!
I think this is probably the best news in digital cinema since the Red One started it all a few years ago.

ARRI 65mm camera isn’t just a film makers dream! The new ARRI Alexa 65mm is real! The specs are probably going to knock you off your feet! The 6.5k Sensor is actually larger than the frame of an Arri 65mm film camera, it’s 3 times larger than a Super 35 sensor. At full resolution 6560 x 3102, it will record an unbelievable 2.6 Terabytes an hour in ARRIRAW mode.


As a new sensor well you need new glass as well! Below, you can see ARRI’s line of Hasselblad lenses designed specifically for the Alexa 65mm

This includes
50-110mm Zoom 65

Eight Prime 65 lenses from 24mm to 300mm, all in XPL mount.

The XPL is a new propreitary PL mount variant that, when joined with the ARRI Lens Data System, will allow the transmission of metadata about focus, iris and zoom, which can be used onset for wireless remote lens control or in post for the creation of accurate virtual lenses.


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