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By August 18, 2014Production

Well to begin, I want to apologize because I been MIA from this blogging thing for about a month now. I honestly haven’t had the time to do it! Today is my last free day before we start another month of crazy activities or should I call it filming!

Today was my day off and I actually had a meeting with Won-G and Rage (director) for the upcoming music video that we are putting together for Won-G’s new music video. Won-G’s is coming back with an incredible music video that Rage will be doing. But that’s what’s happening this month let me catch you up on what happened last month.

Last month I was shooting Buddy Hutchin’s with Director Jared Cohn, starring Jamie Kennedy! The movie will look like a 10 million dollar film! Oh and Red Digital Cinema stopped by to say hello and interview me, jared and the producer. I will soon be popping up on the Red.com website :-). While we were on set I also shot the Poster for the film which I think turned out amazing! Probably one of the coolest posters I have done to date. All I can say is that everyone loves the way the film looks.

I was very much inspired by a few films that I love including David Fincher’s Fight Club shot by the amazing Jeff Cronenweth! That was Jeff’s and David’s first project together and the have worked together ever since. Fincher’s previous DP was Darius Khondji who worked on Seven on of the best Cinematography (technically cinematography) I have seen. The movie looks AMAZING!! Also Harris Savides was the DP for The Game another awesome and amazing looking film by David Fincher and what is even more amazing is the Gaffer on that film was Claudio Miranda who went on to shoot Life of Pi, and my favorite film Claudio has shot, Oblivion! But to be really honest the real inspiration came from what I wanted to do and yes that sounds very egotistical but it really did. I shot the way I would always shoot, lighting a scene in a way that adds to the story, camera movement that is unusual for this type of genera of films and budget.

We also finished shooting my 3rd feature film The Sighting which was shot in a found footage style with the Red Epic and Scarlet.

This month we are taking up some music videos a few short films and much more in the works! Stay tuned!

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